Wedding 0 km

Last season we organized a beautiful wedding in a farmhouse with a splendid view of Lake Maggiore. So many smiles, lots of friends, lots of laughter and lots of love!

Very often the dream of the spouses is to live a marriage in harmony with nature, sustainable and responsible, where all around is love!

Choosing a location such as a farm, or an estate, where you can also celebrate the wedding, is also much appreciated by guests who do not have to move.

Taste a real 0 km menu with seasonal products grown and cooked directly on the spot. And then paying homage to the guests with a jar of jam or honey, both produced on site, could be an original idea and certainly appreciated.

To conclude we would like to give you some advice on the set up, given the location and the natural theme, they would be perfect simple but refined beige shades, using materials like wood, terracotta, linen and aromatic plants, in this way we could really define our wedding, a real "eco friendly wedding".

Boda Temática Rústica | Estilo Rústico Chic | Madera

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