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Modern princess

What are the dreams of modern princesses? To immortalize the passage to the age, realizing a photographic book on the Lake Maggiore with the splendid magic of the Borromeo Islands. But the princess's mother left everyone speechless by organizing a surprise birthday party; in May 2015 we were contacted by the mother and the preparations…
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Save the date

The Save the Date, is a pre-invitation that allows relatives and friends to know well in advance the date of your wedding. Not to be confused with the participations, which will follow as usual, is an informal notification to announce the date of the marriage. The Save the Date, is sent at least 6 months…
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Valentine day

Buongiorno! Good morning! We are approaching Valentine's Day and today we offer an exhibition dedicated to the party of lovers with a sweet sweet table in white and red and lots of little hearts !!! L. and S. celebrated last night, anticipating Valentine's Day and with a romantic marriage proposal. L. also asked us to…
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Wedding brunch

Why not organize a brunch reception? This is a trend coming from overseas that is meeting with various consents in Italy. The idea is very young and fits very well in weddings in shabby style, eco-green and rustic chic but nothing and nobody forbids to adapt a brunch to any style. We must first respect…
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